Hi ladies, Emily here. Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the internet. I have always been a fashion girl. Obsessed with textures, patterns, sparkle and a little too much, I am that girl. The girl who reads all the September issues of magazines cover to cover, even if it takes me months. Who will wear bright red lipstick to watch a football game, or pointy toe flats to a baseball field. Who believes the key to happiness in life can be found in a large, shiny and gorgeous shopping mall.

The idea to share my inner most fashion feelings and finds came from the fact that I have always been the friend that everyone goes to for advice on what to wear. Even at my all-girls Catholic high school, where the Britney Spears plaid skirts were an everyday look. That didn’t stop me from accessorizing with headbands a la Blair Waldorf, colorful bracelets or whatever else we could get away with. I genuinely love clothes and love seeing people when they love what they have on. There is a confidence about someone when they feel good and no price tag can amount to that feeling.

Hunting for the perfect item or anything in a store like Forever 21 is a stress reliever for me. Searching gives me calm and peace, which might sound nuts considering Forever 21 always seems to be in a state of chaos. But hey, to each her own. This blog will be my space to share with y’all my finds and I hope you will join me as we make it through, one uber chic outfit at a time.

Wanna chat more? Feel free to email me at thestylehunt@gmail.com