Madewell Vacay Capsule Wardrobe

Get ready to fall in love.

My love goes back as far as my J. Crew retail days when I first got introduced to it’s younger, hipper lil sister brand, Madewell. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely live for a J.Crew half-tuck, third piece outfit situation, but there is just something about Madewell that just makes me happy.

While the fundamentals of both brands are pretty similar at their core, a solid collection of button-downs, great dresses and shoes that you can’t find literally anywhere else, the way they do it is far different.

The shapes and proportions are what separates the crew from the well and y’all all know it. The Madewell Courier Shirt is literally to die for, with it’s boxier shape and just makes any look just a little bit cooler.

I say all of this to end with…if you haven’t experienced the magic that is Madewell, allow me to help you with your first dive into the magical wonderland. I kid you not, the last time I went in that store a couple weeks ago, I left with the most perfect vacation capsule wardrobe…now all I need is a good trip to the beach!

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