The Best Loafers Ever.

Blazer [similar] // Tank // Leather Skirt // Loafers [similar] // Sunglasses // Earrings
// Bag [Target – not online]
Photos by Morgan Hayes Photography

Let’s just address the elephant in the room before we get to this super cute lewk shall we?! I know it has been quite a while since I’ve published anything on my little corner of the internets, that I can’t lie about. I think I just lost the passion for writing. I got caught up in work and work and just living life and honestly lost my love of this blog. Sure, I was still taking outfit photos, I can’t tell you how many drafted posts I have from the last 6 months sitting in my cue right now. But for some reason, I never went in a wrote anything.

I wasn’t inspired.

I think I think too much. Actually I know I do. I want what I share with y’all to be perfect, which is so not attainable. Life isn’t perfect, mine certainly isn’t. I struggle with my weight, have one too many glasses of wine every now and again, have really bad hair days, want to just sit in my house and cry. We all do. So my vow is not to promise 5 posts a week, but to be more vulnerable. To be real. Honest.

Okay, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, can we please talk about these shoes?! Unless y’all have been living under a rock, J. Crew decided to have multiple 60% off sales over the holidays. I legit think I got these shoes for like $35. Real life. Now, of course these are sold out now….HELLO $200 loafers for $35 ladies, but I’ve found another pair that are completely adorable.

A good loafer can make you feel so put together it’s insane. There is something about the classic style that makes the most casual outfit appropriate for work. I love wearing mine with a pair of light wash raw-hemmed denim and an oversized sweater or like I have here. The skirt and loafer combo is giving me major flashbacks to my time as a Catholic school girl a la Serena & Blair.

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