How To: Mix Prints with Camouflage

There’s not much I love more than a good print mixing moment, especially when it involves camouflage.

Jacket [similar] // Striped Tee // Shorts // Necktie [similar] // Earrings [c/o] // Sunglasses





Photos by Kim Graham Photography

Happy Monday loves! I’ve had a whirlwind last month or so, but happy to be back in the writing game. If you’ve been keeping up with me on the Instagram, you’ll know I was in Charleston a couple weeks ago for a bachelorette party. Charleston has always been one of my favorite cities to roam, and this time I was determined to schedule in some photo time while we were there. I woke up crazy early one of the mornings, so I wouldn’t mess with the bachelorette party festivities to get a couple looks in. I am so happy I did, Charleston is the most charming city.

I’m currently cooking up a little travel guide for what we did while we were there, most of the girls I went with had never been, so it was fun to see the city through their eyes! Let me know if there’s anything specific about Charleston you would want to see in the guide!

Now, to the look. Actually…before we get into that I have to tell y’all a story about this particular look. Kim, my photog and I decided to go to a residential neighborhood to shoot, so it would be calm and of course, those neighborhoods are full of cute little alleys. So when we were shooting this look, all of the sudden we hear some guy yelling at me, like cat-calling basically. I’m sorry sir, it is 9am in a quiet neighborhood, what are you doing? The best part was that we couldn’t figure out where he was. It was so odd, but is the reason I am cheesing so hard in some of these. Never a dull moment y’all.

Okay, now we can chat about the look. I am a HUGE believer in print mixing, I think it should be done often and we should just stop being afraid. I think the trick people aren’t aware of to achieve the right balance is to pair one standout print with one or more if you’re feeling ambitious, more “neutral” print in order to not have them clash.

For me, the “neutral” prints that work with just about anything are:

  • leopard print
  • camouflage
  • stripes
  • bonus print: polkadots [these can be tricky in my experience]

To use today’s look as an example. The neutral print is the camo jacket and the standout is the stripe tee. You may be thinking, Emily you just said stripes are neutral but I think the colors in this particular stripe tee make it the print that stands out to me. To take this to the next level, we’ve got the two-toned bandana that has a super subtle print that more goes with the tee than full on matches. I almost wore my leopard sandals with this but thought that would be going a bit too far.

The rest of the look is super simple, allowing the prints to have their moment. Who doesn’t love a good denim cutoff short action and these earrings are my new favorite go-to. If you are in the market for a classic gold earring, this is your gal.

Are you are print mixer or are you afraid to take the plunge? If you’re on the fence, take this post as a sign you need to just go for it!

xox Em


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