Life Update: Week One

Hi loves. I just figured it was about time we got real and I gave y’all a glimpse into my life. I know I’ve been saying this for what feels like years but I am finally doing it. I’m making these posts weekly I think, where I share a little about my life, what’s in my shopping cart, what I’m reading, skincare I’m obsessed with etc….nothing is off limits.

I hope y’all will like this little series I’ve decided to start, I’m honestly pretty excited about it! Which is big, because if I’m being completely honest, it’s been a while since I’ve felt super excited and creative about the blog in a while. And if you have a topic y’all want me to cover, just holler and I’ll give my two cents.

  1. Glossier: If you follow me on Instagram + Instagram Stories, y’all already know about my new obsession with this brand. Holy buckets, in the last month I’ve purchased four products and I can promise I’m just getting started. My funds just need to understand my addiction so I can just buy it all!!! The Boy Brow is phenomenal, especially if you’re a no fuss makeup girl, I think it gives a super natural looking brow. Another product I’m loving is their Priming Moisturizer. I tend to get a little shiny during the day and I’ve found using this moisturizer under my makeup, I am WAY less shiny. Like almost nonexistent, I’m eager to see once the temperatures continue to rise if it still works! But right now, I can’t say enough great things.
  2. Dolce Vita Wedges: Okay, so I shared these on my stories yesterday [see my style highlights to see them in action] but honestly, if you don’t buy another shoe all season, you need these puppies. They are ridiculously comfortable and I love the thick straps. They are just the most perfect spring/summer wedge. Not too tall, not too short, they are JUSTTTTT right. Just go ahead and add these under $100 beauties to your cart.
  3. Craving Connections Devotional: I am putting this on the list so y’all will keep me accountable. I have started this devotional for the month of April and I am LOVING it so far. As you can probably imagine, it is all about finding + deepening those connections in your life, whether they be with friends, your man friend, family or God. It is a super quick and easy read and I am really feeling like when I find the 10 minutes to devote to it, I get something out of it. I am trying to be more present in life and this is getting me on that road.
  4. Little Flies Everywhere by Celeste Ng: If you haven’t heard about this, it was on Reese Witherspoon’s book club list and she is going to make it a series with Kerry Washington and y’all…..IT IS SO GOOD. If you don’t know, I am kind of a book nerd. I absolutely love to read. It is what I do before I go to bed every night. I’ve also got some stipulations when it comes to books I read, I am a pretty fast reader, so books under like 400 pages are typically not something I’m drawn too. I just finish it too fast, so if you’ve got any recommendations of super long books that are crime, thriller [think Gone Girl] or a cheesy love story beach read, I am HERE FOR IT.
  5. Opalhouse for Target: Y’ALL. If you haven’t looked at or shopped the newest collection from Target, you are missing out. It is making me want to re-do my whole house. I’m sure y’all have heard that it’s most compared to a budget Anthropologie and I would have to agree. If you follow me on Instagram Stories, I shared my mini bathroom makeover that happened when the line first came out. I have been feeling so overwhelmed about my apartment lately and the way it is decorated. Ya know when you just get sick and tired of everything and you just want to start all over, that is me right now. So taking this budget friendly brand and “making over” my bathroom for well under $100, adding in a new shower curtain, textured towels, toothbrush holder and soap dispenser was well worth it. I now want to spend all my time in my bathroom and I am plotting what items from Opalhouse need to make it’s way to casa de Emily. Sometimes it’s just good for the soul to blackout in Target and come home to a new bathroom.

YAY! You made it through. I hope y’all will love this little weekly roundup of things I’m loving. My hope is that weekly it will be something different. It won’t always be beauty or fashion, sometimes it’s just something I’ve learned about myself or a secret I want to share. But there will absolutely be clothes and stuff y’all already come to me for, it’s clearly the reason we are all friends.

Feel free to shoot me a DM on Instagram or comment here, email me, call me, beep me whatevs if you’ve got something you want me to cover or if you just want to gab about anything I’ve mentioned.

xox Em

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