how to: incorporate velvet this fall

I’m going to be honest, if you don’t love leopard….we cannot be friends. Sharing how I’m incorporating one of my favorite NEUTRAL prints [because leopard is in fact a neutral] with one of the biggest trends for fall.

Wrap [similar + under $60] // Leopard Top // Denim // Booties [similar] // Necklace // Sunglasses [similar]






Photos by Jnelly

We have made it through Monday ladies! I don’t know why but this daylight savings time change is kicking my butt more than normal….anyone else feeling that way? UGH. The whole getting dark at like 5 or 6 is really throwing me for a loop. It is also making my evening workouts not quite as appealing as they once were. Although if we’re being honest, they are never that appealing. I may just have to start waking up earlier and running then, the struggle of training for a half marathon continues. If y’all have any other suggestions, holla atcha girl. And FYI, I’m more of a run outside kind of girl than a gym.

Now to why y’all are actually here, the look. I can’t lie, I am a girl obsessed with leopard print. I think it is the ultimate classic print, with stripes being a close second. I mean, I literally have a framed quote of “As far as I’m concerned, leopard is a neutral” by the infamous Jenna Lyons in my apartment. That is dedication people.

Obviously the second I laid eyes on this tank I was SOLD. It was coming home with me, regardless of the price tag. And while it is a little pricier than I normally like to go, I feel like it’s a great basic for both work and play. And the fact that it is velvet, one of fall’s biggest trends, just seals the deal. OBSESSED. And paired with this wine colored wrap, which is honestly outside of my comfort zone, I feel like this is the perfect look for a day at a brewery or outdoor festival, once this weather cooperates of course.

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