Velvet Crushing + Getting Honest

These pants are currently on sale + you need them. Thank me later. Also, let’s get honest shall we??

Denim Jacket (similar) // Tank // Velvet Pants // Necklace (c/o Kendra Scott) // Shoes // Sunnies (similar + on my Christmas list)

Photos by Jnelly

Happy Sunday friends! I am back and with a new found LOVE of this blog and all of you who stick with me through my wishy-washy nature. I have to be honest on why this last hiatus happened. I lost my drive, my love of this blog and sharing my favorite finds with you guys. I lost sight of why I LOVE my little space on the internet. I lost my confidence in the way I dress, I gained weight and got down on myself [insert basic girl moment here]. In short, I lost me. And I can’t say I’m completely back, but I am moving in that direction.

And since I’m back, I want to make some changes here. There will still be a TON of outfit inspo here, obvi we know I love some fashion, I mean I rented my apartment for the closet above all else. But I want to see what y’all think about me getting a bit more real, raw and honest. But the big question is, are y’all into that? To getting down and dirty about self confidence and the ups and downs, about navigating life as an almost 30 year old single gal in the city, to friendships, work life etc. I’d LOVE to know your thoughts, so send them my way.

Now to the outfit and the fact that these velvet pants are currently an additional 40% off through TONIGHT! I’m obsessed and I know you will be too. Pairing them with an oversized denim jacket and my newest beauty from the Kendra Scott winter collection were a no-brainer.

I just want to let y’all know again how much I love each and every one of y’all who take the time to read this little blog. I know it’s not much, but I really appreciate it and I promise to be better to you. And serve you fabulous fashion, le duh!

Feel free to comment here, DM me on Instagram or email me at with your thoughts, topics you’d like me to cover or if you just want to be besties?!



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I love these pants, love your blog, and definitely want to be besties.

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