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A peek into my everyday life, which includes a lot of laundry.What can I say…ya girl’s got to keep the outfits fresh for y’all, so obvi having options is essential. 

CHI Electronic Retractable Clothing Iron (c/o) // Sweatshirt

It is no question I have a decent amount of clothes…I’m pretty sure that is part of the blogger rule book. In order to be a fashion blogger, you must own a walk-in closet that can fit a full size bed. Okay, maybe not that detailed, but it is true I love to have options when it comes to clothing. I think I should mention that I am not a crazy spender on my clothes, which y’all probs know by now, but I felt like this blog post was taking a turn for the worst (i.e. I’m a high maintenance chick) and that is just not the case.

Okay, now to the real reason we are all here. For a girl who has a diverse wardrobe when it comes to fabrics, finding an iron that does it all is seriously a challenge. Enter the CHI Electronic Retractable Clothing Iron. You guys, this iron + steamer combo is seriously the best I have found. And trust me, I have a steamer/iron grave in my laundry room currently. But seriously, with it’s settings for linen, cotton, synthetic, wool and silk, every item of clothing I own is accounted for!

Number one, let’s get this out of the way that YES that is a Laguna Beach tee and it is probably one of my most favorite tees I own. I may or may not be wearing it right now. I got it from My Kind of Lovely (one of my fave boutiques) + while the Laguna one is sold out, there is one for Friends (which is a close second!).

Number two, if I haven’t sold you on giving this iron a try, can we chat about how it’s made by the same company as the most coveted hair straightener EVER. You guys, CHI is without a doubt one of the leaders in straighteners for your hair, so wouldn’t you trust them on your clothes? I mean, LC trusted her hair straightener to iron her pencil skirt before her interview with Teen Vogue on the first episode of The Hills. Can you tell I’m in a Laguna/The Hills mode right now?! But seriously, it is one of the best brands and this iron was so gentle yet effective on all kinds of fabrics.

HOLY STEAM! I was desperate to try the steaming capabilities and was literally blown away. This steamer/iron has 400 steam holes that create a superior steam performance and I have to say, it lives up to the hype. And apart from that, the steamer was super fun to play with!

Photos by Jnelly

The CHI Electronic Retractable Clothing Iron is a must for your laundry arsenal, there I said it.Personally, I’m much more of a steamer girl than an ironer, but I realize there is a time and place for both, which is why this iron is AMAZE. Now I’m going to go and continue to iron + steam everything I can. Next up, my curtains that have never been ironed in the 2 1/2 years I’ve been living in this apartment. OOPS.

xox, Emily

**I was gifted the Chi Electronic Retractable Clothing Iron in exchange for a review on The Style Hunt. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.**

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