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Well hello there! Long time no chat. I know, I know and I apologize, if any of y’all actually missed me?!

Have you ever had a moment where you start questioning every part of your life? Are you taking the right paths? Am you spreading yourself too thin? Is anyone actually paying any attention to what you’re doing? Are you wasting your time?

Let me start off by saying, I absolutely LOVE blogging. I love sharing with y’all my take on fashion, little tidbits of my life and my favorite brands! That has not and will never change. When I decided to take a little vacation, my love for the blogging world was not the reason. Honestly, I was feeling lost. I knew I loved the big picture of blogging, but was struggling with whether or not my thoughts were resonating with anyone. Was anyone actually reading? Did anyone actually care?

After a little soul searching, however, I have figured out the answer. WHO CARES. Even if my mom and grandma are the only consistent readers who are contractually obligated to read anything and everything I write, who cares?! It is a creative outlet for me that I absolutely LOVE doing. So, I am back with a vengeance and hopefully y’all are down for the ride!

With all that being said, let me share this look with y’all. It is one of my favorites as of late.

Tee // Jeans // Heels (similar) // Clutch (similar & under $35) // Puff (c/o Mark & Graham) // Sunglasses (c/o Ditto – get first month free with code STYLEHUNT









Photos by Jnelly

Tee // Jeans // Heels (similar) // Clutch (similar & under $35) // Puff (c/o Mark & Graham) // Sunglasses (c/o Ditto – get first month free with code STYLEHUNT

There is something about a great t-shirt that just makes my heart smile. When I can use a comfortable piece in a more dressed up way that is the definition of #winning. This tee is beyond soft, and under $15, and paired with a dark skinny jean and some good lookin’ heels, this instantly becomes the perfect look for after work drinks with your gal pals or a super cute date night.

For a single gal, finding the dreaded “first date” look is super hard. I get it! You want that effortless, I just threw this on and am not the least bit nervous to be on this date with you, look. The simple jeans and tee pairing show you’re low maintenance, while adding the fun clutch and pom show you’ve got a little something extra going on. I never shy away from the fact that I love clothes when hanging out with a man friend, but the secret is keeping the basics of the look approachable. You’ll come off confident and that is definitely intriguing, trust me.



Laura @ Walking in Memphis in High Heels

That tee looks so comfy! And love that clutch and puff. So glad you’re back!


    It is seriously the best tee! xox


Welcome back girl!! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us! I just love this look! Those earrings are gorgeous!




    Thanks babe! xox


Welcome back! I’m totally with ya – sometimes we need to step away and do a little soul searching. Loving this look on you, too. Those jeans look amazing on you!

Rachel / http://www.seashellsandsparkles.com


    Thanks Rachel! xox


I have those thoughts like every single day! Glad you are BACK and you should just do what makes you happy! Loving this outfit too – that tee is needed in my life asap!

xo, Shelby


    Thanks Shelby! And yes, you do need this tee! xox

Anna Cobbs

Love your positive attitude and so glad you’re going to continue blogging!!! Sometimes a little time off boosts your creativity and energy! Looking adorable!

xx – anna


    Thanks Anna!

Ashley Solari

I’m so happy you’re back to blogging! I seriously have your blog tabbed on my computer as a favorites and I actually look at it every day. You’ve been such an inspiration to me and such a help to me when I wanted to start my blog, believe me I look to your blog all the time when I’m questioning mine, so keep doing what you love because it really is making a difference even if sometimes it doesn’t feel like it!


    You are too sweet Ashley!! Thank you so much for your kind words! You are doing amazing!!! xox

Lexi Kritzer

Welcome back! Trust me, for the longest time my only readers were my mom, grandma, and hubby, but stick with it and its so worth it!


    Thanks Lexi! xox


Girl, I totally hear you! That happened to me at the end of the summer. So happy you’ve decided to come back!!




    Yes! Thanks Mollie! xox

Dana Mannarino

UM, HI – I MISSED YOU! Glad you’re back and a little soul searchin’ is always great 😉

Pink Champagne Problems


    LUH YOU SO MUCH! xox


Loving that tee! I think i need it! So cute! love how you can dress it up or down! You’re gorgeous babe!



    It is the best! xox


All that matters is that YOU love it! Love the look girl.



    Thank you so much Alex! xox


As long as you love it, it will always be worth it! Welcome back!



    Exactly! Thanks Karen! xox


I feel ya! Lately, I’ve been putting less pressure on myself to get three posts up a week. If I need a night to just relax or do other things, I’m not going to beat myself up about it!

Ellen | A Pop of Pink


    I was feeling the same way! But it’s all about finding that balance! xox


Welcome back, babe! Sometimes taking a step back is all we need to come back refreshed! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this look!! That t-shirt looks so comfy. I think I need one in my life!

xo Ashley


    Thanks Ashley! Yes you do need it! xox


Welcome back! Breaks are sometimes the best way to get inspired and I’m excited to see what you ha w coming next!


    Thank you so much Nina! xox


Girl, you’re not alone in feeling like this! We’ve all had those questioning moments but I love your outlook on it – just keep blogging and writing for YOU!


    Thanks Sara! xox

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