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I’m going to warn y’all…this post is gonna be a big one. #SorryNotSorry but at least there are like 75 GORG girls to look at. And champs. So basically you’re welcome, I take back my kind of apology. But this is one of my favorite posts as of late. If y’all follow me on IG or Snapchat, you know a couple weekends ago I traveled down to one of my favorite southern cities, Charleston, for the 4th annual #TBScon! It was my second time going to the conference in the Holy City, and let me tell y’all…this was the best one yet! From the welcome party with Vera Bradley, to the speakers, to the networking suite, and specialized workshops. Oh did I forget to mention the breakfast with Kendra Scott and we said farewell with a delicious lunch with COSMEDIX. It was a jam-packed three days to say the least! But if there is one thing to know about a bunch of bloggers getting together, as long as there are champs…we will rally. #ThatShouldBeOurSlogan #WillWorkForRose

But seriously y’all, I learned so much from this conference that is going to help me bring TSH to the next level for y’all. I am SO EXCITED that I now need to just find more hours in the day to make these things happen.


Look from night one with my blogger biff Laura (who I know y’all know by now!). All we are missing is our other musketeer, Corbin


With the chance of rain pretty high, Vera Bradley was adorable and gifted us umbrellas. And, let me tell y’all these umbrellas are life changing! They have the button to open AND CLOSE the umbrella for you! No more awkwardly trying to close it while getting drenched!



Our fearless leaders, Jess from My Style Vita and Cathy from Poor Little It Girl. Are they not the cutest?!


Obvi, we stop traffic for the photo.



The epic networking suite. This is one of the best parts of a conference, getting in front of brands and the people you want to make your bestie. I learned SO MUCH and have a ton of new and exciting things to share with y’all.


Thanks Loreal for giving me all of the glow. All of the sponsors had such fun booths for us to hit up, play with product and get to know the brands a little bit better.




Our gorgeous farewell lunch with COSMEDIX.


Photos by Kim Graham Photography

It was seriously one of the best weekends. I absolutely LOVED meeting all my favorite bloggers and social BFFs IRL and learning a ton from the speakers, workshops and honestly just gabbing with the other girls. It is amazing the community that The Blog Societies has created, an environment where you learn to be confident in your blog and your efforts. Because, really, putting so much of yourself out on the internet, it can get a little scary. There are definitely moments I feel like absolutely no one cares and that I am not good enough.

However, going to a conference like this one, puts you in such a great mood and feeling like you can conquer it all!

Get ready for tomorrow’s post on how I tackled this conference, because I won’t lie to you, I was definitely intimidated to be around such amazing gals, and gent! So being prepared is essential. More on all that tomorrow y’all!


P.S. Don’t worry…I’ll be sharing all three of my conference looks in the next couple weeks, so sit tight! So much goodness to share!!

Oh and if that wasn’t enough…here’s the AMAZING recap video from Drew Glickman Films:


Laura leigh

Love your recap Em! Had the BEST time at the conference with you and Corb!

xo Laura Leigh


    Always love hanging with you gal! xox

Dana Mannarino

The BEST recap, girl. So great to FINALLY meet you! You were just as perfect in person 😀

Pink Champagne Problems


    STAP. You were the cutest! Cannot wait to see you again and play! xox

Lauren Price

SOOOOO much fun and SOOOO Good to FINALLY meet you girl!!



    LOVED meeting you too gal! We need to hang in the ATL! xox

Taylor - Lights Camera Catwalk

Great seeing you gal! What a great weekend it was!

Xx Taylor


    So good seeing you too!! Just saw your snaps…congrats on buying a car!! xox

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