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As promised, I’m back talking more #TBScon, if you missed yesterday’s recap of this year’s event check it here! Today, we are diving into the nitty gritty of how to survive, tackle and rule a conference. Now, I’m not saying I was the most popular gal at TBScon, completely confident in my outfits and the best networker….quite the opposite, but I do think I learned a TON and would love to share my thoughts on how to make the most of a situation like this one, whether you’re headed to a conference soon or you’re debating coming to TBScon next year, which you totes should!

Here are my tips y’all!


  1. Put on your lipstick and SMILE. Most of these gals you’ve been following for forever, may you frequently gab over The Bachelorette or send each other snaps of your wine glass while watching Scandal (this may or may not have happened last year…looking at you Alicia!). So basically you know them. And they know you! I know I went in to this years’ conference having chatting with a couple girls via IG & Twitter and we were SO EXCITED to meet IRL, but honestly I was terrified to talk to them at first. Like, are you going to remember our 2 hour convos about JoJo, or is it just me?! Super insecure, but Y’ALL….they remember you! The second we locked eyeballs, we were screaming and clinking our champagne glasses together, so excited and all my worries went away! The moral of this story….be confident in who you are! You are awesome and these girls are just as genuine as you are.



2. Figure out a way to stand out! During the networking portion of the conference is the time to really shine. Getting in front of some of your favorite brands can be intimidating. It goes back to my first tip, be confident in yourself, your outfit and your blog. You have something unique to offer!!! Don’t ever forget that ladies! Come prepared with your business cards and media kit to share, so that you can hopefully work with them in the future! This year, with a little bit of inspiration from my gal Corbin, I made my media kit from Moo. I had already made my business cards there and was obsessed with how they turned out! Corbin mentioned she was making her media kits on the site using their “postcard size” model and I was OBSESSED. I created a simple design that went with my business cards and took them to the next level with a bright gold paperclip to hold them together. I wanted these brands to remember me after the event, and with a put-together packet for them, it was a great impression to leave.




3. Comfort is key. Last year, I won’t lie…I completely overpacked. I brought like 5 extra outfits, which were completely unnecessary and ridiculous. I also thought more about the fashion than the comfort level. Something I definitely did not do this year. Of course, cute outfits are a requirement for a conference like this one…HELLO you are with fellow fashion/lifestyle bloggers who have gorgeously curated IG feeds and the worlds most perfect hair. You have to bring it. However, you don’t want your looks to scream fashion and miss the function aspect. There were tons of speakers and workshops this year, so being comfortable enough to take notes and really listen to what everyone had to say was essential.

The way I allowed myself to still have looks that stood out were to have one element of surprise. One little piece to take the look from fashion to style. More about that, and my obsession with neckties, later when I break down each of my looks from the conference.


4. Remember to HAVE FUN! While I would totally classify the conference as work, you still have to have that balance! If you’re a blogger like me, you are not surrounded by other bloggers all the time. Of course I have my core gals in a constant group chat, but my friend group are honestly not like me at all. It’s hard to fully get the blogger thing if you aren’t one, so soak in this time you have with your new IRL gal pals, who are totally okay with talking blog with you all night, who don’t silently HATE when you ask them to take your photo in front of a really pretty wall and the girls you can bounce ideas off of. Sip that glass of champs!


Photos by Kim Graham Photography

I can’t tell you how much fun I had at the 4th annual #TBScon extravaganza! If you are considering becoming a member, debating going to a conference or just want to chat more, please email me at I would LOVE to chat with y’all more!



Laura leigh

OMG Em I love this!!! So many great tips! I can’t wait to dive into writing about the conference even more now

xo Laura Leigh


    Thanks boo! I am so excited to read your thoughts! xox

Dana Mannarino

I absolutely loved this post – your tips were great and I honestly felt the exact same way as you during TBScon!

Pink Champagne Problems


    AH! So glad you liked it. Thanks gal! I’m still so so happy we got to meet IRL! xox


#4 – yesssss! It was so fun to meet girls that share my passion but also relate to me on levels outside of blogging! Love all of these tips girl!

How 2 Wear It []


    YAY! So glad you liked the post. It is the BEST finding like-minded gals! Can’t wait to see you again hopefully soon!! xox


Such great tips! This makes me want to head to a conference ASAP!


    Yes! Conferences are the best! Thanks for reading Jami! xox

Anna Cobbs

Such a cool post! Love blog conferences!


    They are the best! Thanks for reading Anna! xox


It was such a fun conference and I love your tips!

Brooke ||


    Thanks pretty girl! It was such a great time! xox

Katherine - Engineering In Style

I have yet to attend a full blogger conference, but I’ll keep your tips in mind when I finally do!

Engineering In Style


    You definitely should try and get to one! Thanks for stopping by Katherine! xox


It sounds like you had a great experience this year! I love these tips!

Fizz and Frosting


    It was awesome! Thanks for stopping by Lauren! xox


These tips are so great! I want to go so bad next year!


    AH! I hope you can!! xox

Adaleta Avdic

I think keeping a smile on the face is so important, while also truly having a great time. I haven’t been to a blog conference just yet, but I’d love to attend! xx Adaleta Avdic


    Couldn’t agree more!! xox


These are great tips! I know for me going to conferences can be so overwhelming. Thanks for the help!



    Of course! Thanks for stopping by! xox


Such great tips Emily. I’ve been dying to attend a conference and I am really wanting to try and go next year! Gorgeous post!

Brittany || The Everyday B.


    OMG! You definitely should! Glad you liked the post Brittany!! xox


Such great tips and advice! Looks like a fun conference!


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