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Alright y’all….this is the last post from my weekend last month in Asheville! Can you believe it?! I sure can’t. Clearly me & the gals were snapping all kinds of crazy photos & we ended up with SO MUCH CONTENT. Ladies…we need this to be a monthly thing.

Any who, today I’m talking about how to keep up with your skincare routine. As I’ve gotten older, I am the oldest in the squad you guys (insert crying face emoji), there are certain things I’ve come to realize are very important.

Here’s a list of the top five things I’ve figured out as I sprint through my 20’s (I can’t deal with the fact that my high school reunion is next year people):

  1. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate. Your skin, your lips (for all those smooches!), & your bod. Try to do this 2-3 times a week. It will keep your skin looking & feeling like a little babies’ booty, & who doesn’t love that?! I have used St. Ives for literally years & there is nothing better.
  2. Take care of your under eyes ladies. Your eyeballs are the first thing a boy looks at, or at least what they should be looking at, & the should look FAB.┬áThe first time a makeup gal at the Bobbi Brown counter told me to start using under eye moisturizer, I’m pretty sure I cried myself to sleep that night. Maybe not outwardly, but inside I was having a crisis. I am not old enough, but y’all it is seriously a GAMECHANGER.
  3. Use a face mask weekly. I LOVE mine from Lush, but the Biore Charcoal mask is a great one too. After a long night out, my body is not as “get up and go” as it once was…not all of us can be 21 years old y’all. So a mask the morning after is one of my go-to’s to bringing some life back to my skin.
  4. DRINK WATER. Y’all….I am the first to tell you I used to never drink water. Like ever. The bare minimum at best…I am a self-proclaimed sweet tea-aholic & never thought about drinking water. However, I decided that enough was enough & I decided to make a change. My gal pal from work introduced me to the water tracker app “Plant Nanny.” It is the cutest! You track your water intake by watering a super cute plant. The plant grows as you drink more water, & it even alerts you when it’s been a while since you last logged water. I went from drinking maybe a glass a day, to drinking a full 24oz cup at least four or five times a day! OBSESSED.
  5. Figure out an everyday makeup routine. Long ago, I told another makeup artist at Bobbi Brown that I needed a five-ish minute face for everyday. I am not an expert on makeup, & while I have added a few things to my makeup routine (insert highlighter & brow filler here), my basic routine has stayed the same. For you habitual alarm snoozers (I am not one – I swear), knowing how long everything takes you in the morning is essential! Side note — would y’all want to see my five-ish minute makeup routine for everyday?

Hope these were helpful! Would love to hear your feedback, or any beauty/skincare staples y’all live by?


Laura Leigh

Such a good post Em! I need to start stepping up my under eye game STAT. Also agree this should be an every month kind of thing, then I’d never need to take photos any other weekend haha.

xo Laura Leigh


    It really is a game changer, I promise!! And yes to photos all the time!! xox

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