Fit Friday: Let’s Barre-ty!


Old Navy Tank // Old Navy Printed Sports Bra // Lululemon Leggings











As y’all know, or should know, my birthday was last week (see sappy blog post here)! It was filled with amazing friends, the most delish pimento cheese biscuit (see IG) and of course, Pink Barre.

My girl Mallory¬†taught the class for some of my favorites and we had a blast….well they might have hated me since I kept choosing the workouts with the teeny tiny ball of death, but whatevs! I have to say, being surrounded by friends, a great teacher and a rocking’ playlist is enough to make a gal happy!

I can’t lie, I haven’t been the most motivated workout gal these past couple of weeks, it is difficult to find the motivation sometimes, which is why it’s great to workout with friends! Finding a workout buddy is a great way to keep up and achieve your goals.

Besides making friends come with me to the barre, or making friends while there are great ways to stay fit and have a blast! Oh, and if you were one of those friends who came with me to celebrate, or really really wanted to but couldn’t — shoot me a message, text, carrier pigeon. I’ve got an INCREDIBLE deal PB is giving y’all for coming!

How do y’all stay motivated?!



Laura Leigh

You are too cute! And these photos are adorable. Also I really want that biscuit you were talking about

xo Laura Leigh


    GIRLLL. The biscuit was everything! xox

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