I’m Feelin’ 22….Plus 5.


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So I thought for my “golden birthday” I would be super cliche and give y’all 27 thoughts from my 27 years of life. Little tidbits I’ve learned along the way, putting one stiletto in front of the other. Just a warning….they will be silly, sassy and hopefully inspiring!



  1. Like I said earlier this week… leopard is in fact a neutral. It is the ultimate mixer for any outfit and should be treated as such.
  2. Believe in yourself — It’s something I’ve come to understand the importance of especially in my years since college. In order to be happy in all aspects of life, you HAVE to be good with the kind of person you are. Simple as that.
  3. Finding the right hairdresser is like finding gold. Literally. I can’t even believe I’m saying this, but I’ve had the same gal, the #amaze Amy West in Savannah, do my hair for I’m pretty sure 10 years now, and I travel the 4 hours home to get my hair fixed. It is a necessity y’all.
  4. Friendships are hard. In college friendships are easier…you’re always around people. People with similar schedules, you’ve got more free time, and life is not getting in the way. After college is really where your friendships are tested. The ones that will stand the test are the ones where both parties are willing to put in the effort.
  5. Candles can make your house a home. Y’ALL…I never knew how amazing candles were, except every time I walked into Anthropologie and smelled that sweet smell (y’all know what I’m talking about), but that’s besides the point. With a firefighter for a dad, candles were never really used unless the power was out. However, since living on my own…they are literally magic.
  6. It’s okay to have a binge-worthy trashy guilty pleasure tv show — one of mine is #PumpRules. I can’t get enough of the Sur Crew and I’m not ashamed.


7. Put time & energy into your living space. Especially if you live alone, creating a space that makes you happy when you walk in the door is essential. We are big gals now….investing in your space can make even the gloomiest days happy.

8. It’s okay to not understand Snapchat. Y’all…I don’t get it. I just now, like literally yesterday, how to do this silly filters and I just can’t even. But I love watching other people.

9. A glass of wine a day keep the doctor away….that’s the saying right?!

10. I always thought as a kid, that by 27 I would have my life together in a certain way. I literally thought I would be married, almost baby time and living in a home I bought with my hubby. HA. Clearly none of that came true, and ya know what….that is OKAY. It is okay to not have it together like you thought you would. Advice to my 23 year old self….you will be just FINE.

11. Getting a blowout at DryBar is life changing. If you’ve never gone to a blowout bar, drank a mimosa and had someone play with your hair for an hour, in a room that smells amazingggg, you’re missing out on life.

12. Invest in staples for your wardrobe. Things you should invest your hard earned money into — jeans, shoes, jackets and statement tops. Y’all these are the items that make up a killer wardrobe, and they are worth the money.

13. Nights at home are some of the best ones you will ever experience. In my early 20’s, going out Thursday, Friday and Saturday was a regular occurrence. It was expected and welcomed with open arms. Now, the idea of binge watching OTH & drinking a beer in my pjs are heaven.

14. Be nice. In a world where you hear more about crime and hate, just be nice. Hold the door open for the person behind you, wave thanks to the car that lets you out into traffic, just be kind. It isn’t all that difficult.

15. It’s not worth hanging onto items in your closet “in case they fit.” A good closet purge is necessary, and if you’re still holding on to clothes from high school…..come on girl. Pack that stuff up for the Plato’s Closet and get your $3 worth. It is time to let go…your body will never be the same as it was in high school…and that brings me to my next point.

16. Love your body. Be okay with imperfections, curves etc. There is something to be said for getting fit, going to the gym and eating healthier, but checking out every throwback Thursday post to pine after that high school bod is just a waste of time. Embrace and love who you are!

17. There is not much in the world a good grilled cheese can’t fix. Trust me.

18. 500 Days of Summer is easily one of the best movies in life. And that’s not just because it’s the movie I’m watching right now.

19. Don’t feel like you have to be one of those people who validates their romantic relationships with social media. Posting endless numbers of selfies is not the way to a healthy and meaningful relationship.

20. Read books. Real, live books. Get immersed in fictional characters, and definitely read the books before seeing the motion picture!


Photos by Jnelly Photography

21. Cheese makes everything better. Nothing more needs to be said.

22. Investing in cute workout wear will really motivate you to go to the gym. Who doesn’t love wearing a cute outfit & even going to the gym seems more appealing once you’ve put on that fun printed sports bra, yoga pants and oversized tank!

23. Summertime will always be the best time of the year. Beach, tan lines and salty air. Need I say more…

24. Walking around the mall alone can be very therapeutic. One of my favorite weekend activities is taking a trip through a bustling mall, looking at all the shiny things, all the people watching. It is beyond relaxing.

25. Crying is a good thing sometimes. It can be a happy cry, a sad cry or a need to release some emotional tension…but I’m telling you, it is good stuff.

26. Kind of wanting to be Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl is okay. She lives a fabulously gorgeous life, but is not afraid to be unapologetically herself is inspiring. And who doesn’t love Chuck Bass?

27. Take photos with the people who mean the most. Document your life, so that years from now you can have the highlights. You will never remember every single second of every epic night, but having those snapshots is incredible.

I guess all that is left to say now is…..Happy Birthday to Me!




    Thank you!! xox


I love your list. #21 is so true! Hope you had a great birthday. I turn 44 next December. I have never thought of making a list. I better start now!



    That’s awesome! Thanks so much! You should totally make your own list! xox

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