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Photos by Jnelly Photography

The last look into my apartment is the most colorful one of course, the closet. I wanted nothing more than to have a Carrie Bradshaw-like moment with this closet, full of fun pieces, letting the colors & textures do the decorating for me.

When I first toured my apartment, I loved the giant windows, the fact that you could see the pool and that it felt much larger than it actually was, but I can’t lie…once I saw the closet, I knew. Any closet big enough to fit a full sized mattress in is the one for me.

While I know my closet looks a little unorganized, with everything literally everywhere, I mean, I added a polka dot rug for goodness sake…like there wasn’t enough going on. But I do have a couple tips to making your closet work for you.

  1. Have matching hangers. Mine are the cheap ones from Target. They don’t have to be anything fancy, but keeping something as simple as hangers the same really does go a long way when you’ve got a loud wardrobe.
  2. Organize by type. I’ve got dresses on one spot, sleeveless tops to short sleeved to button downs etc. Jackets are all together, and pants are the same way. Keeping like items together keeps the flow somewhat organized.
  3. Match like colors & patterns. Once I’ve got everything divided up by type, I then go in a loosely organize by color. My secret with adding patterns into the mix is take the dominating color in the print and fit it into the lineup. Patterns can dictate the flow of colors too.
  4. Don’t be afraid to get cute storage. I’ve got tons of random things, storage bags for my bags, belts etc. and needed a place to keep odds and ends. Finding these storage containers at Home Goods keeps all your random items in one place, and makes it look pretty. And how adorable is the faint gold pattern (although y’all know I had to mix up which patterns I chose).
  5. Clean out your closet regularly. I keep rubermaid containers handy for my out of season clothes, as well as ones I don’t wear very often. At least once a season I go through my closet and weed out the pieces I’m just not wearing. It is a struggle, as a girl who literally remembers every time she wears something (weird I know), but it is a must.



Brooke Ellen

Love this!!! I wish my closet was this size!! Where is your top from?
Your post is fabulous as always!!!


    Thanks lady! The top is J.Crew — it’s amazing! xox

silex in the city

Your closet is a dream! Especially for an apartment!


    RIGHT?! It was literally the reason I chose my apartment. xox

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