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I don’t know if y’all have heard, but this weekend is a very special holiday. It’s the day you celebrate your loves, and by loves I mean your gals. Who run the world?! GIRLS. I’ve teamed up with my best blogger gal, Corbin¬†for a super fun, and delish #GalentinesDay cocktail using the ultimate girly mixer, La Croix. I’m just sad we couldn’t sip on these yummy drinks together & with our other partner in crime, Laura, of course.

For me, nothing says girly cocktail like rose & la croix. I mean, let’s be real here ladies. Pink, bubbly and topped with fruit….need I say more?! I don’t endorse myself as an expert bartender, unless you need your bottle of wine opened, or your beer popped, I’m basically useless. And even then, I’m not the best! Therefore, I eyeballed the portions of these drinks, and of course, depending on how goofy you want to get, pour on that rose.

Poppin’ Bubbly:

**Rose –

**La Croix – I used the Cran-Raspberry flavor which was to die for!

Add equal portions in your wine or champs glass, top with a strawberry and you’re ready for your gal’s night!

Fun fact: you may notice one of the glasses in this post has an etching on it, that’s the crest of my high school (thanks Skyler!!). I thought it was only fitting to use it in this #GalentinesDay post, since I went to an all-girls high school! Yes, I wore the plaid skirts, actually the plaid from Gossip Girl is that SVA plaid. (I may or may not be binge watching GG right now, so that’s where that reference comes from!)

Make sure to check out my gal’s Corbin for another delish treat!




Omg I so did not know you went to an all girls high school! That is too funny and cute! Hehe wish we were together- but next time we meet up with Laura we MUST do these cocktails! (thinking a litte more rose, little less La Croix!

XO Corbin Tate
Classy South Blog


    YAS girl! I cannot wait to glamp with you ladies! xox

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