Fit Friday: Except When It Involves Pizza


Bomber // “Will Plank for Pizza” Tank // Lululemon Leggings // Nikes (similar) // Bucket Bag (c/o Vera Bradley) // Ray Bans








Photos by Jnelly Photography

With #NationalPizzaDay being earlier this week, I thought this tank would be appropriate for this week’s fit friday post (can’t wait to rock it at my next Pink Barre class!)! Planks are #brutal, so there must be a reason we put ourselves through all that. Obvi.

I’ve always been a carb lover. All my life I’ve been a picky eater, if you know me, I’m sorry about always making you go to a restaurant as long as it had chicken fingers or a grilled cheese. Basically, sorry about being a 5 year old. Seriously though, that happened.

However, I’ve grown up, at least a little, while I am a chicken only kind of gal, I’ve added salads, hummus and lots more to the mix.  I try to eat pretty healthy during the week, I’ll link some adorable food containers and my favorite water bottles at the end of this post, as they keep me on the straight and narrow.

When I do want to cheat, however, there are a couple foods I can’t say no to:

  1. Chickfila — I always have to up my sweet tea to a large. It’s just a given.
  2. Pizza — duh. It’s the reason I plank after all.
  3. French Fries — Stringy, curly, wedge. I could care less, just give them all to me.
  4. Cheese — I had a 5 cheese grilled cheese a couple weeks ago, and it was quite literally life-changing.
  5. Junior Mints — Thankfully, my sweet tooth is pretty much non-existent, but I am powerless to those minty goodies.

Work is definitely the hardest time for me to stick to my grilled chicken salads & hummus with pretzels. My mom found these adorable and super convenient lunch containers.

Shop my lunchtime essentials:


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