Fit Friday: Athleisure


Striped Turtleneck // Puffer // Luluemon Leggings // Nikes // Beanie // Bag // Ray Bans







I can’t lie, this athleisure trend is one of my favorites as of late. It’s no secret that sneaks are beyond comfy, and the fact that it is now acceptable to wear them with things other than Nike shorts when you go to the gym, makes for one happy lazy weekend girl. The ultimate errand running outfit.

As I mentioned last week, I’ve added 5xweek workouts with Pink Barre to my previously lacking exercise schedule, I love that I can go from barre to brunch, errands like Target and some afternoon shopping is beyond.

Some thoughts to creating the ultimate athleisure look there is a fool-proof method you should follow.

1.Lululemon leggings. I know they are crazy expensive, but after getting a pair under my Christmas tree, I totally understand the hype.

2. Black Nikes. Super chic.

3. Oversized sweater, like this striped turtleneck is perfect. Your bottom half is super skinny, due to the leggings, so you’ve got some room to get a little oversized.

4. The beanie. After having your hair up for barre, I love being able to let my hair down, throw a little dry shampoo and toss the hat on to fake the fact that I haven’t washed my hair quite yet.

5. Love a good puffer, especially in the cooler weather. Having the layers will also make it look like you put more effort into your look, even though, if you’re like me, you blindly chose your post-workout outfit in the dark.

How do y’all take it from the gym to the rest of your day?!


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