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Yes that is a Hello Kitty toaster. I’ve had her since freshman year of college, I’m not saying how long that’s been, and yes she makes her face on your toast.


Using your fashion accessories, like I did with my all time favorite hat, as decor is one way to inject your personality, and it totes helps when storage is #low












My plan with these baby chairs, that my mom picked up at an estate sale **the pair was $100** y’all, is to recover them in navy velvet & add some palm print pillows.



Photos by Jnelly Photography

EEKKK!!! To say I’m obsessed with my living room would be an understatement. As the room that everyone who comes to my house sees right when they walk in the door, I definitely wanted it to feel like mine. Full of color, pattern, texture…and a little too much. Also, a kick tail bar cart, le duh.

As most of you living on your own know, the struggle is something real when it comes to finding the cash to make your place everything you dreamed it would be. Decorating is expensive. I am thankful for having a Home Goods like 8 minutes from my house, and my parents for helping me out.

However, most of my pieces are pretty decently priced, that giant canvas above my couch was only $50!! Here are a couple tips I have for decorating on a budget —

  1. Make Home Goods, TJ Maxx and Target your besties. There was a time I was literally going every single weekend. They change their home decor frequently, with the best items leaving the second they are put on the shelf. When I found something I loved, I picked it up, regardless if I knew exactly where it would live. I feel like that is the reason it feels so eclectic and lived in.
  2. If you want to mix patterns, textures and colors, like I did, find a focal point from where you grab your color palette. For me, it was the painting above my couch. My mom and I fell in love with it at Home Goods and picked it up before anything else was chosen.
  3. Lucite is your go-to. My wine rack, coffee table tray and file organizer on my desk are all that classic lucite, which leaves room for lots of color. The ultimate neutral.
  4. Coffee table books are the perfect accessory. Clearly they are everywhere in my apartment, so I fully believe in this. A couple years ago around Christmas, my mom really wanted something she, I mean Santa, could get me every year that would make the gift giving a little easier. Apparently Santa is #busy. We settled on coffee table books and never looked back. My poor future hubby.
  5. Have a kick butt bar cart. The ultimate gal necessity. I got mine at Target, and decided to keep the theme gold. #GoldOnGoldOnGold y’all. Adding little touches, like photos, those adorable coasters from Draper James, and my cutie pup (in a turban, naturally) will make your bar cart chic. I also decided to make it one of my end tables, to save space in a smaller apartment.

Unfortunately, a lot of my pieces, especially the furniture, were either thrifted, estate sales or TJ Maxx and Home Goods, so I can’t link the original pieces. I feel like the hardest part about decorating is finding the little pieces, the random items that make a house a home.

Shop some of my favorite home accessories:



Laura Leigh

GAHHH I love it all! Those chairs were such an incredible find

so Laura Leigh


    Thanks love! xox


I love love love your gallery wall! And all of the pillows! T.J. Maxx is my go to for everything under the sun, no doubt 🙂


    Oh for sure! The gallery wall was made from a pack from Hobby Lobby! They make gallery walls easy! 🙂 TJ Maxx & Home Goods are my savior!! xox

Rachel R

I love it! The colors and patterns all look so great together. You really have a knack for decor.


    Thank you so much lady!! xox

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