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I could not be more excited to share with you guys a peek inside my first big girl apartment. Living alone has really opened my eyes to how much FUN (and expensive at times) decorating can be. But I would not trade it for the world. And for the record, I will be sharing with y’all in the upcoming weeks how I scored most of what you see for WAY less than expected. You can have a fabulous place to call home without spending all kinds of cash and having to eat ramen on the reg. While it isn’t perfect in my eyes, I’ve got a couple more things I want to do as far as decorating goes, I am so excited to call this little 800 sq. foot box MINE.


Chloe Wine

No blogger gal’s apartment is complete without a bar cart. I decided to maximize the usage and double mine as an end table. How adorable is my little gold dog, Sadie, of course accessorized to match.


Where all the magic happens. Sort of….I won’t lie, the majority of my work happens cross-legged on the couch, but it is nice to have a dedicated workspace sometimes! And you won’t believe how easy it was to create my gallery wall! I’ll share more next week! Man, I’m such a tease!


BaubleBar Earrings // ‘Always Pack a Party Dress’ book // ‘Love Style Life’ book // ‘Styled’ book


Yes that is a Hello Kitty toaster in the corner. She is almost 10 years old and still makes Hello Kitty’s face on your toast. #NoLie


When my mom and I found this print, we knew it would be just perfect for this lipstick lovin’ gal’s bathroom. This is probably my least successful room in the house, I won’t lie. I just can’t decide what direction I want to go in. Although I do love how the print and the towels mix…but I do love a good print mix though….I mean, y’all have seen my living room.



Furbish Leopard Pillow 

While I had to throw a little leopard in there, I really wanted my bedroom to be less loud and a little more tranquil. Of course there is still plenty of color, the white bedding is the perfect blank canvas.


HELLO CLOSET. This is the sole reason, and the fact that I can see the pool from my little porch, I chose this apartment. I mean, there is a RUG in my closet. Outrageous. Don’t worry, I totally had a Carrie Bradshaw-like moment in an upcoming post. We’ll dive into organizing chaos. While I’m not OCD, I do have some tips on creating a closet that doesn’t completely stress you out.

Oh…and before you ask, no my house is not always this pristine. While I do love to have a clean home, it is definitely never been at this level. Right before this shoot, I had the cleaning fairies at Well Kept come in and work their magic. And let me tell you, it is worth every penny. Not only does your house smell literally like heaven, seriously I tried to sneak a peek at what cleaning products they used, but came up empty. Think of Well Kept as the Uber of home cleaning. For just $15 per room, these cleaning pixies will sprinkle their fairy dust and make your home look like a million bucks! You can choose which rooms, even add on features like fridge and oven cleaning. They even organize your fridge! If you’re in the Atlanta area, check them out. They now have a loyal customer in me. Seriously.

Over the next three or so weeks on TSH, I’ll be breaking down my house, room by room, giving a little more insight into my design philosophy and frankly, just showing off my apartment more! HA! I am utterly obsessed, and since this is the only time in life I will ever be able to create the ultimate bachelorette pad, I plan on hitting it out of the park.


Photos by Jnelly Photography

 **The Style Hunt was given a home cleaning in exchange for mentioning Well Kept in this blog post, but all reviews are completely unbiased — obvi, you can tell how incredibly clean the house is!**



The bar cart and bar sign might be my favorite part of your apartment. You decorated it so well! I love your style.

Ellen | A Pop of Pink


    Thanks lady!! That sign was a steal at Home Goods! xox

Laura Leigh

So you already know how I feel about your apartment. Freaking adorable!! So many fabulous details! I might be having you come decorate once J and I get married.
Also loving how you have your clutches displayed, I may need to copy that 🙂

xo Laura Leigh


    You’re the sweetest! That clutch holder is a magazine rack from Ross! #SCORE xox

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