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Alright ladies and gents. The time has come. It never fails that in the beginning of each year I vow to get fit! New year, new me…that’s what they say. However, with the invention of french fries, sweet tea and cheese, I have completely failed at keeping this goal. I know I’m not alone.

However, I’m being dead serious when I say, 2016 is the year I get my act together. Apart from it being the year I turn 27, and am officially freaking out about how close I am to 30, it is also the year I decided that I need to start making the habits that will last me, hopefully, a lifetime.

One of which is to get in shape, and with the help of the fabulous ladies at Pink Barre, I am making that goal a reality. And taking y’all along for the ride. I’ve teamed up with Atlanta’s Premier Barre Studio to take y’all on my journey that I’m lovingly calling “Barre to Bikini.” Now, I totally understand I can wear a bikini now and rock it, so don’t yell at me, but I want to feel confident in it. #SummerBod is now in session.

Pink Barre is a barre-based total body workout that combines core elements from pilates, ballet, yoga, & an emphasis on isometric hold. Improving flexibility and strength are two things I’m most excited about! And as if working out isn’t hard enough, I’m doing Monday-Friday at 6AM classes. What a way to wake up right?! I am so excited to track my progress with y’all, and hopefully motivate you to get fit if that is something you are vowing to do in 2016!

In the beginning of trying to work out, it really is all about the clothes. Hear me out. You are trying to get and stay motivated to attend your classes, work hard and stay focused, am I right?! Finding cute and functional workout clothes will help more than you know! Obvi this roundup is focused on pink, oh hay Pink Barre, but there are some awesome, and affordable options!


Get ready, every Friday for the next 6 months on TSH will be a FIT one! And if you’re in the Atlanta area and curious about barre, get ready for next month! I’m going to be hosting a Barre-ty for my Birthday!!





Laura Leigh

Emily you are killing the game! Loving these posts. Also killing the work out game apparently, get it gal 🙂

xo Laura Leigh

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