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Furbish Leopard Pillow // Gold Lamps


Starburst Mirror (similar) // Shelving Unit


GlamBoxes T-Stand Necklace Holder // Glamboxes Bracelet Holder


Brittany Fuson Prints










Madewell Beanie // Vera Bradley Studded Clutch (c/o) // J.Crew Clutch



Photos by Jnelly Photography

Welcome to my bedroom. I never thought we would get here, as it has been quite the journey to decorate my first solo apartment, but it is finally ready (enough) to show!

When dreaming up what I wanted my apartment to feel like, there were a couple things my mom and I discussed. Above all else, I wanted you to walk in, take a look around and know I lived here. I wanted it to feel inherently Emily. My mom and I knew it needed to have lots of color, pattern and texture, but still be grounded in feel and colors. Hint, the breezy white curtains in both my bedroom and living room and the hint of pink in the major art pieces. With it being such a small place, I wanted it to flow and feel much bigger than it is!

As y’all saw, and will see more of next week, my living room is INSANE. The most crazy mix of patterns, which was not intentional…it just kinda happened. HA! While I wanted my bedroom to go with the living room, but I wanted it to feel more relaxed. In comes the white bedding. This ruffled bedding was a Santa present, and it is so girly I can’t stand it! By keeping my bedroom somewhat simple and relaxed, I feel like it’s the perfect place to unwind after a crazy day.

Adding a couple accessories was essential and in trying to find things to finish out the room, my jewelry became the star of the show. As it should be, why spend tons of money on random pieces, when my jewelry is much more personal and it serves as a dual function. Or maybe that’s just an excuse to buy more….whatever it is, I don’t care. These acrylic T-stand necklace holder and bracelet stand from GlamBoxes are perfection. Seriously, if you need an extra tall necklace stand, look no further. It’s definitely more expensive, but I couldn’t find another one like it. And that clutch stand….how adorable?! It was $17 at Ross y’all.

Listen, I don’t have a money growing tree in my backyard, I frequently eat grilled cheese sandwiches and feast on grilled chicken made with my George Forman. In other words, I’m a gal living on my own, footing the bill with not a ton of $$$ for decorating. Home Goods and TJ Maxx are my best friends.



Laura Leigh

Emily i’m obsessed! Just showed it to my mom and she was like get shopping haha

xo Laura Leigh

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