Holiday Hair with Goody Clean Radiance + GIVEAWAY


It’s officially holiday party season and I could not be more excited!! Mostly because one of my biggest parties is gonna be with Mickey & Minnie & Harry Potter in about 2 weeks!!!! That’s right y’all, me and the fam are headed to the “Happiest Place on Earth” & HP World!!

Anyways…..back to fancy holiday chat. No doubt there will be lots of sparkle, glam and fur in my holiday party ensembles this year, but none of that works if you don’t have killer hair to complete the look! I’ve teamed up with Goody Clean Radiance hair collection (which you can find at Walmart) and I’m sharing some super duper easy holiday hair ideas! Y’all might remember this post where I did the Mulan Bun, and I shared the magic that is this hairbrush! It literally makes your hair shinier the more you use it! I truly see a difference, and while it does tug a bit at your mane when using it….as they say “Beauty is Pain.”

Here’s a couple holiday hair ideas:



The Fluffy Pony: When I was in middle school, I remember laying across my bed in the morning to make my ponytails. I could not have one bump or the process had to start all over. As slicked back as it could be was the name of the game. EEKK….what was I thinking?! Fastforward a couple years (insert wink face)…..the more bumps and texture the better! I like to start with a little dry shampoo & texture hairspray to dirty up the hair a bit. Then lightly brush out with the Goody Clean Radiance brush to work the product in, and give that shine of course. Grab a ponytail holder and pull hair up. Once it’s up, I sometimes take a teasing brush and get some fluff to the ponytail. Spray lightly with some texture hairspray and you’re done!




Messy Up-Do: I wasn’t lying when I said I like messy hair. Y’all should see me curl my hair…its literally a hot mess because I don’t really have a specific strategy. I would rather it look like I’ve been sleeping in it all night and woke up like this.

For this one I add dry shampoo & texture hairspray & use the shine brush like the ponytail above, then the fun begins. Grab a couple bobby pins and pull all your hair behind your shoulders. I start on the side and grab a small section. Kind of like sections for a braid. I then twirl it up in a swirl and bobby pin it up. Repeat step till all your hair is done. My last section, which is where my part is, so there is naturally more hair I do the same as the rest, then just play with it in the mirror till I like what I see, then stick a bobby pin. The end product is a super easy, and has that dressy feel without being stuffy. Spray with hairspray to hold.



Khlo-Money Side Braid: For this one I decided to channel my inner Khloe Kardashian and throw y’all a little double braid action. Y’all know she would rock a full head of for real cornrows (and she has) but I decided to throw just a little shade her way. For this one I took all my hair to one side, using my Goody Clean Radiance brush of course, and chose a small section to braid. I did the top braid first and criss-crossed two bobby pins to keep in place. Repeat steps for the second braid. I put the second set of bobby pins on top of the first set, to minimize the amount of bobbys visible. Lightly spray with hairspray.

As y’all know, I partnered with Goody Clean Radiance collection for this post, and the last one…..and they wanted to let y’all experience the shiny goodness with a GIVEAWAY!
Beauty and Glam Giveaway

How are y’all liking these simple and easy hair tutorials? Want more? I’m brainstorming types of posts to make staples in 2016 on TSH, and would love any feedback!! I don’t claim to be a hairstylist, but quick and easy styles I am all about….ain’t nobody got time for intricate dos. We can’t all be a Kardashian.

Let me know your thoughts!


**Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Acorn Influence and I will be compensated. As always… all opinions are my own**

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