First off…. can y’all believe next week is Thanksgiving?!? The fact that the holidays are fast approaching is just not ok with me you guys! Although, with my mom and sis in town this past weekend, my house may or may not have a glitter reindeer, sparkle garland and a tabletop pink tree….I cannot confirm or deny.

I know it is LATE Monday, but this weeks “Spotted” is all about those perfect travel pieces to get you through the next month and a half. I am BEYOND excited for this weeks highlight post, you guys are going to fall in love with these Vera Bradley pieces as much as I have.



Hat: You never know what your travel hair will look like at any given time, so my rule of thumb is throw on a hat. Hats are also pretty awkward to pack, as they tend to get smooshed in the travel. Looking chic in the airport has never looked better either!

Tee: A comfy tee has got to be one of the easiest ways to travel. It can be worn with leather leggings, a pair of boyfriend denim or sweats with a good pair of sneaks is gold.

Sneakers: Speaking of sneaks. I am OBSESSED with these mustard colored ones you guys. I have been in love with this color and when I found these ASOS ones, I literally can’t even. Santa….take note. They will go with everything from a striped tee, ripped denim and a good blazer or yoga pants and an oversized sweater.

Oversized Cardigan: I own this one and it has been a gamechanger. You guys will see more of this one later this week!

Sweats: Hello pjs to travel?! Ever since the fashion gods looked down on us and decided to make these fitted sweatpants fashionable, we have never looked back. These pair can go from travel to night out trying to impress the local hottie in your hometown you only see when you come home by exchanging the oversized tee for a v-neck tee and leather jacket. #CutiePie

Cape: Rule of thumb — always wear your bulkiest items (if you can) as your travel look, to save room in your suitcase. Now, this does not give you the excuse to look like the crazy bag lady, or an Olsen twin…but it makes logical sense!

Buffalo Print Travel Set: Obvi you need a chic set to contain your travel necessities. This set from Vera Bradley will be shared later this week on the blog!

Sunnies: To hide the travel exhaustion…..these large and in charge shields do the job of looking fabulous during and after a stressful trip.

Striped tee: You can never go wrong.

You guys have big plans for the holidays?! I am toying with the idea of a Napa trip…HELLO wineries!!


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