Goody Clean Radiance + Mulan Bun Tutorial


Hair care is everything. Using the right products, regular haircuts and maintaining a healthy head of hair, at least for me, makes me feel complete. Insert Beyonce hair-flip here. My saving grace you ask? The Goody Clean Radiance hairbrush. With its copper bristles, creating healthy and more radiant hair has never been easier. I’ve been using it for a couple weeks now, and I can honestly see a difference!




The flexible cushion pad makes for added comfort, although I will say it does tug at your hair a bit. Nothing we can’t deal with, am I right ladies?! The copper bristles reduce buildup overtime which leads to gorgeous and healthy hair worthy of a hair flip. And….let’s be honest, it’s rose gold and white….who doesn’t love that? I decided to take this post one step further and give y’all my super quick and easy -Mulan Bun- using other fun Goody hair ties and bobbies.


Step One: I decided to not share my actual curling process since my girl crush, Courtney Kerr has done it much better than me — check her out HERE! Once my hair is lightly curled I use a texture spray to give a little volume, and use my Clean Radiance brush to give the curls that bedhead texture.


Scruch it in ladies!


Second Step: Section the top off to make the Mulan Bun. Once you’ve gotten this part, I’ve noticed it works better to lightly tease before you create the bun for extra volume in the front. I love imperfect hair as well, so the messier the better.



Step Three: Once you’ve created the bun, tuck those stray hairs you’ll find to be able to create the shape of the bun. Using some bobbies to keep the bun secure also helps for long wear!





Step Four: Volume hair spray seals the deal y’all.

So run, don’t walk to your nearest Walmart for the Goody Clean Radiance line…you won’t be sorry y’all.

Would y’all like to see more tutorials? I’ve been toying with the idea of doing more, but they would definitely be super basic!


**Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Acorn Influence and I will be compensated. As always… all opinions are my own**


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