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Sunday Tee // Oversized Sweater // Old Navy Running Pants (similar) // Sneakers (similar)// Karen Walker Sunnies (c/o Ditto)










I am not embarrassed to admit that occasionally I partake in ‘basic white girl’ activities. While I do not love a PSL (sorry y’all, not a coffee girl), I am a fan of workout wear being worn more outside of the gym than actually making its debut on an elliptical or a spin class. #SorryNotSorry yoga pants are literally life. Y’all know I’m right….

However, last weekend my extensive workout wear got to test itself at an actual gym!!! I have tried many a barre class, and at one time was a die-hard Pure Barre-ian (did I just make that up?!) but since moving I haven’t been able to hit up the barre as much as I would like! (insert wink face.)

When I was approached to work with FlyBarre, there was absolutely ZERO hesitation! Their barre class is everything you could want in a workout class…its tough, challenging but fun! What gal doesn’t want abs of steel, and a great set of buns?! I rounded up a bunch of my favorite gals, with all different fitness levels, and we pulsed it out!

I was worried that the class would be easier for some than others, I definitely wanted everyone to be challenged and LOVE the class as much as I do, but boy was I wrong! Everyone was shaking and yelling, but of course having a blast! Even my preggo bestie made it through, I was so proud…her little babe has a 6-pack now I am convinced!

If you’ve ever wanted to try a full body workout, with challenging core work and still have a blast….I recommend FlyBarre! They also have a section they call ‘Dynamic Arms’ which is a choreographed arm routine, with weights, that is actually SO MUCH FUN! Oh and if you’re in the ATL…there are three locations for you to try!

As far as my look….I decided to have a little cheeky fun with the fact that we took the class on Sunday and since it is finally getting chilly outside, a chunky sweater is perfect to throw on after your class for those Sunday afternoon errands!

Other workout must-haves:

What fitness classes have y’all tried and loved?!


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