Festival Livin’ And Lovin’

Top  (c/o Pink Blush) // Denim // Shoes (similar) // Sunnies // Nails // Earrings // Necklace (similar)

To start….how cool is this door?!? I swear, my city has the most gorgeous places for me to stand in front of and take away all of the awkwardness that is my blogger habits. Like awkward dancing, faces and not flattering poses. But the drop-dead beautiful alleys, random ivy grown walls and squares make anything look put together. I.E. this burnt looking doorway.

When I first saw this top on Pink Blush’s new arrivals, my thoughts went to high waisted denim cutoffs, flash tattoos and a flower crown. Which equals…..obviously a music festival. However, since the six-pack abs I also envisioned are not present, nor the tan skin, so I opted for the high rise denim instead.

I will be rocking this look, maybe with the cutoffs (we will see how my bikini bod is lookin’), later this summer for sure.


Paige Flamm

I love that top! It's so flowy and gorgeous!


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