SPOTTED: Halloween wrap-up.

I have never been the girl who absolutely LOVES Halloween. Dressing up for me has never been something I get over the moon excited about, I just know that it is something I have to do. Hello, it is Halloween. This year, however, I have to say I absolutely loved my two costumes! I just hate the whole we have to be skanky and wear the teeniest, trashiest clothes and then throw some ears on and call ourselves a mouse (DUH). Ladies, it is not cute. I think Halloween for the 20-somethings is quickly becoming more about what you can make for your costume. Creativity rules!!

My first costume was created in my room about 45 minutes before I had to leave. Listen, I had no idea this party was costume, so when in doubt…go with Audrey. I had all of this in my closet, including the gigantic pearl necklace. Talk about ridiculous. It was a crazy affordable outfit too. 
Dress is from The Loft. Leopard fur jacket: Forever 21. Giant pearl necklace: H&M. Sunnies: Forever 21 ($3). 
Let’s talk about this top knot. I have figured out the secret. Put your hair in a high pony then TEASE the pony, wrap it around the ponytail holder and bobby pin in place. It literally takes me 5 minutes and you don’t have to worry about the sock or any other crazy method that I can’t seem to grasp. 

KELLY KAPOWSKI. Hi Saved By The Bell and my absolute most comfortable outfit ever. And it was a day before Halloween switchup decision. So I rushed out to get my items. Here’s the rundown:
Sweatshirt and red Bayside letters: Walmart. Iron on the letters took like 30 mins. Easy. Floral mini: Forever 21, like that is shocking. White keds: Walmart ($5). Made the Zack heart necklace out of scrapbook paper and some white gift wrap ribbon. Boom. 
I wish I could be her every Halloween. Everyone knew who I was, which is always stressful. I mean, who wants to hear the question, “and who are you supposed to be?!” And let me tell you single ladies, if you want to meet some boys, be Kelly. They will flock to you and tell you how much they LOVED her back in the day. “Oh my GODDDD she was soooo hot.” 

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