welcome fellow hunters.

I am so incredibly excited to launch my new blog space. You might recognize me from another little blog called all that sparkles. I have had that blog for a few years, but just decided recently to start adding my own outfit posts. As a baby blogger, I felt like I was having an identity crisis with this name and it needed to be solved. Thank goodness for ASOS. I tweeted a link to one of my posts where I had a pair of their fabulous sunnies on and they so lovingly called me a “style hunter.” Little did they know that would be the spark (no pun intended) I had been looking for!

And thus the concept was born. The Style Hunter. A fitting name for this South Georgia blogger. While I may not be decked out in neon orange and big camouflage onesies, I do have quite the obsession with the hunt. The search. The adrenaline that is associated with finding that perfect pair of jeans, trendy top or that incredible handbag, is something I live and breathe for. I hope y’all will enjoy this journey with me as I take inspiration from all different places and hunt for the perfect pieces to fit into my ever-growing closet. 
Let’s get to huntin’! 
P.S. I will be posting pictures that have appeared on my previous blog. I can’t waste all that fabulous fashion y’all.

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