SPOTTED: the ultimate finisher.

I am all about the finisher of an outfit. That one piece that transforms your look from something that would be on the mannequin, to the runway. Even if your runway is your hallway. Werk it gurl. Some of my finishers are huge chunky baubles, a fabulous scarf or a blazer. However, if you look at my Pinterest boards lately, I have found I am a tad obsessed with the hat. Wide brimmed, all shades, all fabrics. I just can’t get enough. I want to have my own J.Lo moment. 
Some of my favs come from some budget friendly sites. Obvi. I’m all about a great deal, especially when it comes to more trendy items. Not all of us can have a celeb budget. Le sigh. 
H&M: $17.95 
Forever 21: $15.80 
Zara: $29.90
What are y’alls go-to finishers for an outfit??!



I love these hats! They are so cute 🙂



    I know right?! I still can't decide which to get!! xo

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