SPOTTED: my halloween inspiration.

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I absolutely love Halloween. The dressing up in silly costumes, getting to be super creative with our DIY projects and buying things you never thought you would ever wear, ever is just too much fun not to take part! This year I toyed with a few options, but ultimately went with my sister Erin’s first suggestion. Clearly she is a genius and I should have just listened to her when she said to be the ultimate 90’s chick, Kelly Kapowski. Heller. I guess sometimes sisters are right! 
There are many fashion choices that were made because Kelly wore it. And for all of y’all who lived under a rock, or didn’t watch reruns in the morning at breakfast, Kelly Kapowski was THE IT GIRL on Saved by the Bell. She was the cheerleader, smart girl and love of Zack Morris’ world. 
Kelly made you want to rock off the shoulder sweatshirts, white keds, floral print and anything tight or cropped. 
Here are some fashion lessons we learned from the most popular girl at Bayside:
1. Floral print. Jeans (mom style obvi) and bodcon skirts were a staple for that good girl persona. 
2. Off the shoulder tops. Preferably ones that have Bayside Tigers written on it. And you must lean your chin on the exposed shoulder for that sultry look. 
3. White keds. YES. No more needs to be said. 
4. She was the one that made the bandeau HOT. With suspenders and mom jeans. 
5. DENIM. Cropped denim vests, jackets, mom shorts and jeans. And if you can rock the acid wash you are just an overachiever. 
It is just too hysterical that all these Kelly fashion must-haves are back! It was beyond easy to create this costume and I can’t wait t rock it like there’s no tomorrow! Teased butterfly bangs and all. 
Where is my Zack Morris!!?

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