T-shirt: Old Navy Vest: Old Navy Leggings: Suede from Hue (the best!!) Flats:old, Steve Madden Sunglasses: Asos Watch: Marc Jacobs Earrings: BaubleBar
As I am now thestyleHUNTER, I felt an army green military inspired vest was the most appropriate form of clothing. I mean, OBVI. And of course, a little leopard does my heart all kinds of good.
I am fully aware of the issue people have with wearing leggings as pants, but there are some circumstances that make this okay. 

1.If your leggings are not the $8 pair from Target that are kind of see through and only appropriate with an oversized sweatshirt and fuzzy socks on your couch then you might be able to wear them in public. 

2.If they are made of a material such as leather or suede then they are technically a distant relative of the pant than a sister to the legging, and therefore appropriate. 

3. And this is my hard and fast rule, that MUST be followed at all times. Your shirt must always, always cover your rear. Y’all I don’t think anyone wants to see that. No. No. And no. 

Of course these are just my opinion but I can’t help but think they are incredibly correct. Le duh. 



so cute. I love mixing stripes and leopard (my two favorite prints in the entire world) xx Alecia


    YES! They are my favorite prints too! Thanks for the love! xo, EM


I love this look Emily! Your facial expressions are priceless and I love the mix of patters and pop of pattern!
I'm new to blogging as well and would love if you could checkout my blog!

Xo, Kay


    Aww thanks! Haha. I have to keep it interesting with my face! I will check yours out! 🙂

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