SPOTTED: edgy & blog-friendly but completely &utterly impractical.

Absolutely no clue who lives in this house, but I am beyond jealous of it. Let me tell you, Marianne and I all but broke into the side gate peeking to get a close up view of this mansion on the river. And I can’t lie, I look just darlin’ standing in front of it. 
Top: Forever 21 Skirt: H&M Booties: H&M (old) Purse: Phillip Lim x Target Sunnies: Guess (similar) Watch: Marc Jacobs Earrings: H&M 
I have had this shirt all summer, a steal at $13 on sale, but I just couldn’t figure out what to do with it. When I was blog outfit creating in my room about 15 minutes before Marianne came to meet me to shoot, I laid out this look and thought, YES I am a blogger genius. Love the oversized whitewashed shirt with the tighter leather mini. Done. I was sure of it! Y’all can’t see but it is so long on all 5 foot 2 of me that when I sit down, it pokes out the bottom of the skirt, making it my very first only-wearing-this-on-the-blog-because-its-completely-impractical-otherwise look. I can now say I have done something solely for the art of fashion. AHH. I feel legit. 
I do however plan on subbing in either a plaid button-down or a blue/white stripe top with a huge bauble to take the look from heck no to ohhh yes. 

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