The Cutest Shoes You’ve Ever Seen


There are some times in life where you just have to go with your gut. When you’re deciding if the cute boy across the bar is looking at you or your friend, when you’re choosing between an everything bagel or a yogurt parfait or if you’re debating a $25 pair of super trendy sandals that would cost you at least $80 if you got the real pair and not the knock off. YOU HAVE TO GET THE SHOES. It is obvious.

Enter these festive little guys. They were an impulse purchase, duh, at one of my favorite spots to pick up trendy pieces for inexpensive….Forever 21. While I am no longer 21, sad day, if you are picky and have some patience, F21 can be a great place to snag filler pieces you will only wear one season.

OTS Top (similar) // Denim // Shoes (similar) // Earrings // Sunglasses // Lipcolor (Bite: Radish)








Photos by Jnelly

When putting this look together, I won’t lie. I debated long and hard about the yellow sunnies. Are they too much? Are they ridiculous and make me look like a bug? Do I really care? Clearly I came to the don’t care conclusion and I am so glad I did. I love a good statement piece, and when there are more than one in an outfit I say bring it on! And who doesn’t love a good off-the-shoulder top!? I definitely do and have accumulated quite a few this season already. Guess I need to make sure to not get tan lines this summer?!



Laura Leigh

SO cute! The sunnies are adorable. I’m glad you went with them. And DEFINITELY glad you when with your gut when purchasing these shoes.

xo Laura Leigh

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