How I Get Dressed in the Mornings


I am not the greatest morning person. I’m one of those, won’t sleep crazy late but I’m also not excited about getting out of my comfy bed and will snooze the alarm multiple times before I get up. So, this makes getting ready in the morning a #struggle ┬áif I don’t pick out my clothes the night before. I have recently started doing this and let me tell you, it is a game changer!! Not only am I super cute in whatever outfit I picked out because I wasn’t half asleep and wishing I was in bed, but I can snooze the alarm like 2 more times than I would if I didn’t know what I was going to wear! Score!

Therefore, I look for pieces that make outfits themselves, so there is even less thought put into them when it comes to picking out my outfits at night. I mean there is some kind of Real Housewives or Southern Charm situation going on that is far more important. Let’s be real.

Gingham Top (on sale for $50!) // Denim // Mules // Embroidered Bag (Nordstrom Rack find) // Earrings // Sunglasses // Lipgloss (Chelsea Girls) + Lip Liner (Waimea)









Photos by Jnelly

With all of this in mind, when I shop now, I look for well fitting pieces that are super cute and don’t need a lot to make an outfit. Enter this shirt (currently on sale for like $50!) I love a good gingham and the color is super cute and on trend. I need to pair it with some blush to really get the full trend going. I also find a great bag makes all the difference when you’re making the perfect outfit. This one was a Nordstrom Rack find, isn’t it GORG?! I’m utterly obsessed and I have a feeling this embroidery trend is here to stay! See how I styled some embroidered shorts here!

Last but not least, my go-to trick to looking put together is a show stopping pair of kicks. These silver mules are perfection. You can’t tell me I’m wrong. The limit does not exist y’all.



Taylor - Lights Camera Catwalk

Loving that shirt and bag combo! Great outfit gal.

Xx Taylor


Perfect short sleeve button up blouse! Love it Emily!!

xo Laura Leigh

Ashley DTKAustin

I am definitely NOT a morning person either! It’s takes a force to get me up and ready! I love your cute outfit!

Laura @ Walking in Memphis in High Heels

I am all about easy outfits like this! I AM a morning person though. Love this bag!


I love an easy outfit and yours is perfect! How cute is that gingham shirt!


This outfit is so me! I always look for some comfortable and cute! Love that gingham top!
xo Jessica


You’ve totally inspired me to pick out all my work outfits for next weekend this Sunday!

How 2 Wear It []

Jenna Colgrove

so interesting to learn about everyone’s process


I love this easy but chic outfit. Madewell is definitely a good brand to go to for these types of looks!

Jessica |


Such a cute top! I’ve been loving gingham lately!

xo Kelsey |


This bag is sooo gorgeous! Obsessed with the embroidery!

Xx Mollie

sarah lindner

i actually am a morning person! That bag is so cute!
Sarah Lindner


I can’t get over your gingham top…..super cute!

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