#HolidayHappenings – Christmas Morning


Julie, ME!, Laura, Kristyn


Striped Turtleneck // Boxers // Over-The-Knee Socks





We’re back for our third and final (sad tear emoji) #HolidayHappenings

With this weather we’ve been having in Atlanta, I can’t even handle the fact that Christmas is next week!! Not shocking at all, I literally have ZERO Christmas shopping done. This is not good people….guess I’m going to be express online shopping this weekend! That is, before I go to DISNEY WORLD & HP WORLD. Can we tell I’m excited?! I’ll be more excited this Saturday night than Christmas morning, anticipating that 5 hour drive with the fam for the happiest place on earth!

On to the outfit….I’ll give y’all a glimpse into my Christmas morning. When I was younger, and I guess even now, I get woken up by my not so little anymore sister and sometimes my dad. I am sound asleep, dreaming of sugarplums, or if we’re real…shoes, bags and baubles, and woken up by the light and my sister shaking me, jumping on top of me…or when I was younger, my dad with a video camera. Lovely dad. We then proceed into the living room, where our slightly-OCD Santa has mine and my sister’s presents each in their own chair, with our own wrapping paper, which usually matches our personality or taste. I took a peek at this years, can you say metallic leopard print?!? And of course, the camera or video is up and ready.

So, to anticipate the potential photo op, I’ve chosen a super chic and comfy little pj set from Aerie. I love the mixing of the stripes & stars and I’ve been dying to get my hands on an over-the-knee set of socks. Super comfy and completely adorable, and of course…photo ready.

How do y’all get woken up on Christmas morning?




Made my way over here from Kristyn’s blog.

Your otk socks are WAY cute!!!


    Too sweet! Thanks for stopping by! xox

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