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How is it the last day of 2015?! Y’all, I literally can’t believe it. This year has flown by, with giant big girl moves for this little lady like picking up my life in my cute little hometown to move to the big city for a huge opportunity. Which, 6 months later, I am SO happy I did! I have never felt more confident professionally, and can’t wait to see what is in store for me in my 9-5 space.

As far as the blog, y’all have been incredible. I never imagined when I first started that it would get where it is today, and it is only going to get bigger! I’ve finally made some giant resolutions on the blog front…and I’m seriously going to stick to them. More about that later.

On the personal front, I can honestly say, I’ve never felt more comfortable in my own skin. I won’t lie, I’m a girl….I’ve got insecurities. I have days where I wake up and hate who I am. I feel like I am lousy, not worth anyone’s time and confidence is out the window. That’s life. Slowly but surely though, I am getting to the point where being me is not all that bad. It can actually be FUN!


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As 2015 comes to a close, there are some definite things I want to check off the list for the new year. I don’t know if I would go so far as to call them resolutions, but they are to-do’s for this gal. Some are silly, some serious…..but here they are.

  1. Create and stick to a blog schedule. I’ve already cooked up a schedule for what each day of the week will have, now I just HAVE to stick to it. I hope y’all will love what I’ve got going on.
  2. Shave my legs more often. Y’all….going to an all-girls high school kind of screwed me in that respect. It is the ultimate #struggle
  3. Take a girls trip somewhere fabulous.
  4. Become a #GIRLBOSS professionally. Learn as much as I can, and be proud of my work.
  5. Nurture my friendships. I am the first to admit, I can sometimes be a lousy friend. I get in moods where I want to be alone, other times I just get stuck in a rut, and I’ve always been the girl who doesn’t have to talk to my people 24/7.
  6. Figure out a way to get my lipstick to not stain my lips. Some are totally fine, but there are some shades that are just beyond stubborn. But I love them.
  7. Get my winged eyeliner game to be like Adele. Y’all know what I’m talking about.
  8. Read new books. If you guys have any suggestions, holler!
  9. Step up my insta-game.
  10. I’m gonna get cliche but….GET FIT. It is the year. I will go to the gym. Seriously.

What are y’all looking forward to the most in 2016?!




Can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store for you! You’re going places lady!


    So sweet! xox

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